4WD Touring in Beaudesert


Let Someone Else Do the Driving

For a totally relaxing no stress visit to the town of Beaudesert and the beautiful surrounding sites, book a Southern Cross Tour! 4WD Tours are a unique experience and one that can be shared by the whole family. In business since 1994, the Southern Cross crew has won several prestigious awards in tourism and in educating the tourist in the environment and the country of Australia. Not only do the owners live in the area, but they both grew up there and know the surrounding country well.

The vehicles used are manufactured in Australia, known for its unique countryside. The OKA’s are the strongest off the road vehicles made and perfect for back roading the outback. During your tour you can choose to ride coach, where there is plenty of leg room or, if you prefer, ride inside and enjoy the air conditioned atmosphere. All vehicles have a pa system installed in order to give out current information as spotted during the ride. If your party consists of up to 6 people, you may wish to choose the Nissan patrol and book a luxury tour. Spend the day with one of the owners, and then have this particular vehicle at your disposal to travel the countryside as you desire.

There are 2 tours to choose from. The first tour for your consideration is called Window to the Wilderness and is a full day tour. You will travel through Natures Paradise, the World Heritage Listed Rainforest, which is part of the Lamington National Park, and Tamborine Mountain. The 4 wheel driving is awesome with the views breathtaking. The waterfalls are a site to behold! The tour holds many breaks and surprises along the way, such as tea and scones in the morning, and while visiting the Gallery Walk on the Mountain. You will trek on the original pioneers track and visit the volcanic plateau of Tamborine Mountain. This is a walk to remember! As you continue 4 wheeling, you may spot a koala napping or a wallaby sunning itself as you drive by. Your guides will escort you on an informative walk through the bush coming upon the rainforest and the ways that Aboriginal people from long ago made the forest their home. Lunch time will find you in a secluded little spot hidden in the Aussie bush that boasts a wonderful crystal clear cold water creek. The lunch venue is inspired from the “Spring Gulley” with the delicious barbeque, salad and seasonal fruit to be enjoyed and will certainly hit the spot! Part of the entertainment you will enjoy is a demonstration of whip cracking, and everyone can get in on the fun by trying their hand at it. Enjoy the wonderful tropical birds before heading back from your day.

The second tour to consider is a half day extravaganza through the Tambourine Mountains and the rainforest that it offers. Your guide will point out the wonderful wildlife and sleepy koalas that call it home. This tour also includes the delicious break for tea and scones. Stretch your legs and enjoy a walk through the Gallery where fine art can be purchased. Your journey back will provide a brilliant scenic trek through the Gold Coast and surrounding mountains. For more information contact:

Southern Cross 4WD Tours
Po box 542
Labrador Queensland 4215 AU
5574 5041


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